Airtel customers across India wake up to network outage

Airtel faces sporadic network outage across India.

Today I fly back to Mumbai after a 10-day visit to North India. A lazy morning that involved no travel turned into a "Oh crap! "one when my phone showed no network connectivity. I woke my cousin to find me an eraser and I cleaned my SIM card, my phone still couldn't connect. Realizing that I will have to make a trip to the carrier outlet for a new SIM card troubled me. I asked for directions and was mentally preparing myself to go when I checked Twitter. God bless Twitter for Twitter. As it turns out, Airtel is facing some technical issues. The company's official account sent out this message:

Going through their twitter page, they have been apologizing to a lot of users who are complaining about network outages.

Update: There are several tweets claiming Airtel's servers in Mumbai have caught fire which is being seen as the reason for the outage. Airtel says the outage has affected their Western region.