Airtel enters cloud computing with HP

Bharti Airtel will soon offer pay as you go IaaS and SaaS on cloud in partnership with HP.

Despite the poor connectivity in India, cloud computing offers several benefits in the region. Dispersed workforce, international clients and access to powerful IT resources are some advantages. Realizing these advantages, India has been seeing continuous interest in the space not only from Indian companies but interntaional players as well.

Infosys has their cloud services, TCS has iON, Amazon's AWS is expected to come to India running on TCS's infrastructure. Leading telecom player in India—Bharti Airtel—is now entering the cloud computing market. In a partnership with HP, the company announced their plans to offer applications hosted on IaaS and SaaS models. HP and Microsoft made a similar strategic partnership on a global scale bringing Microsoft's enterprise software and HP's hardware together. To start with, Bharti will be offering:

  • ERP
  • Storage and computing
  • Accounting packages

Targeting SMBs, Airtel calls this the Cloud Enablement Platform (CLEP) and is built on HP's Aggregation Platform for Software as a Service (AP4SaaS). According to the press release, HP's AP4SaaS plugs into Airtel's network infrastructure which allows Bharti to offer "Communications as a Service" in addition to SaaS.

Bharti's CLEP will be a pay as you go service.