AJP notebook steps into 200MHz ring

London-based notebook PC specialist AJP today joined the 200MHz Pentium fray with a sturdy model that can run for four and a half hours on two batteries.

The AJP 6200 with 32Mb RAM, 1Gb hard drive, 12.1-inch dual-scan 800 x 600 screen, eight-speed CD-ROM drive and 4Mbits/sec serial infra-red data beaming costs £2,000 + VAT. A model with similar specification but a 12.1-inch TFT screen costs £2,450 + VAT.

The notebook weighs a considerable 3.4kg and uses a trackpad input device. Options include up to 72Mb RAM, 1.8Gb hard drive and an MPEG-1 module. The 200MHz Pentium units are available now and a version with 13.1-inch screen is planned for next year. Two other UK direct sellers, Ergo and ACi, are already offering 200MHz Pentium notebooks.

The unit runs on an NiMH battery offering one and a half hours, and has a removable floppy disk which can be replaced with a Duracell NiMH battery giving three additional hours.

The firm said it had no plans to enter the vogue-ish market for ultra-thin notebooks. "It's highly unlikely that we'll make a slimline model as people aren't demanding it," said Angella Parmar, AJP's marketing co-ordinator.

AJP can be contacted by telephone on 0181-452 9090.