Akamai, AT&T teaming on new project to address network demands

Akamai strikes up deal with AT&T to develop new solutions as multimedia content continues to pile up demand on networks.

AT&T and Akamai are teaming up to offer new content delivery network solutions to their business customers as video and other large loads of content ramp up demand across networks.

Essentially, AT&T is combining Akamai's content delivery platform with its own IP network to deliver to this new suite of CDN solutions, which will be jointly-marketed, managed and supported by the two companies.

AT&T will transfer its existing CDN operations, customers and service to the Akamai platform starting next year.

Akamai will deploy its servers at the edge of AT&T's IP network and within AT&T facilities throughout the United States.

The goal is to provide businesses with faster access and ownership for digital video, web-based apps, and other assets that are both in high demand and volume.

With the deployment of Akamai's CDN infrastructure integrated with AT&T's network infrastructure, both companies boast that customers will see more efficient content routing and better delivery of digital content.

Although it is described as a "global strategic alliance," AT&T and Akamai will actually first focus this initiative on North America, with plans to expand worldwide within a year.