Akamai eyes growth in security and startups

Akamai Technologies Asia Pacific managing director Graeme Beardsell has revealed the company is looking to grow its business in the security and startup sector.

Content delivery network provider Akamai Technologies is looking to use the data it collects through its existing networks to grow its web security business.

Akamai Technologies Asia Pacific managing director Graeme Beardsell told ZDNet web security is the fastest growing part of the business, and believes it'll be a key area of investment for the company during the 2016 financial year.

"We're trying to use our data more to inform the market about what is happening in the web, because about 30 percent of traffic at any one time is running through our servers. It's very topical at the moment, particularly with enterprises and government departments," he said.

Beardsell said that driving the growth has been the increasing awareness among executives around potential online threats, but he admitted there is still some way to go before businesses make appropriate investments to protect themselves.

"I would say 12 months ago there was a bit of ignorance but we still haven't seen a high level of take up by those CEOs and COOs I must admit. There is an assumption the internet is in some way secured somewhere in the world wide web. Some industries are way ahead of the curve, but some don't even know there is even a curve there yet," he said.

During the second quarter results, Akamai saw its security services sales surge 15 percent from a year ago to $256 million.

Another area of focus for Akamai in the next year will be providing startups access to its services, Beardsell said.

Earlier in the year, the company signed a partnership with Sydney-based technology startup incubator BlueChilli to enable startups access to its CDN.

"We don't want innovative IT companies to be restricted by access to our products. We want them to have what the cloud has always delivered, which is a very rich enterprise grade experience for startups so they can come into the market, change the dynamics of the market, and make it a better experience for consumers," he said.

Beardsell added the focus on startups will mainly be around the Indian and Australian market; two countries where the company believes incubation is taking off. He said a separate sales group from its standard sales team was recently created to focus specifically on the two countries.

"In e-commerce, India is off the charts ... and there is a little bit more access in terms of networks there," he said.

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