Alaska National Park testing propane-powered vehicles

The oil state is moving towards alternative fuel options.

Roush CleanTech

Though Alaska's known for its vast supply of oil, its National Park vehicles may soon be powered by propane. The government has been testing autogas maintenance vehicles at Denali National Park and Preserve in an attempt to lower spills from conventional liquid fuels like diesel or gasoline.

Though they only tested the technology with maintenance vehicles, the Park Service plans to explore these alternative fuel options for their bus systems as well. Propane company AmeriGas supplied the fuel and Roush CleanTech provided the vehicle, making the testing a low-cost initiative for the government.

Roush CleanTech says that during the test period, the autogas truck "saved about $1.86 per gallon by using propane instead of diesel fuel." The process of fueling, however, does present some problems. During the testing, AmeriGas delivered fuel to the vehicles but obviously that's not a long-term solution. Propane fueling stations in Alaska are few and far between, and in order to implement this technology a fueling station would need to be built closer to the Park.

[via GovTech]

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