Alcatel GO FLIP V announced: A modern flip phone for those who want long battery life and big buttons

Flip phones were a popular form factor for quickly answering and ending phone calls with simply movements while dialing was easy with large physical buttons. Alcatel recently released a new phone with this form factor that has modern internal specs.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Image: TCL Communication

To be honest, I miss the simplicity of a flip phone like my old Motorola RAZR and StarTAC. We've been spending some time with older relatives this summer and I'm seeing many of these folks still using flip phones so there is clearly still a market for a phone focused on essential communications and ease-of-use.

A couple of weeks ago TCL Communication announced the Alcatel GO Flip V that brings modern technology in a classic flip phone form factor. The GO Flip V includes large buttons on the keypad, simple interface, HD voice and WiFi Calling support, an inside color display and an external preview display. It is available now on Verizon for $99.99 or $4.16 per month for 24 months.

The Alcatel GO Flip V also supports mobile hotspot functionality so you can use it for your voice communications and then have an iPad for a bigger screen data experience. The GO Flip V has a 2.8 inch internal LCD that shows you emails, messages, and phone numbers. A 1.44 inch external LCD screen shows you who is calling so you can easily flip it open and answer your call. It's very satisfying to close a flip phone to end a call and I can easily see myself making a move to one of these in the future.

The phone is powered by a quad-core processor with 6.5 hours of continuous talk time and 12.5 days of standby time. It is clearly focused on accessibility with RTT, TTY, and hearing aid compatibility. A loud speaker supports hands-free calling as well with Bluetooth present for wireless headset options.

It has a dedicated two megapixel camera with a side key used to snap photos and video, including 720p HD video capability. SD card support lets you store photos and videos on the phone too.

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