Alcatel-Lucent unveils 400G network processor

The company says its FP3 networking processor supports 400Gbps transmission speeds, a significant increase on the current benchmark of 100Gbps

Alcatel-Lucent unveiled a network chip on Tuesday that gives the company a leg up on its networking technologies.

The company announced its FP3 processor, which supports 400Gbps transmission speeds. Currently, the benchmark is 100Gbps, and that rate was standardised in 2010. Alcatel-Lucent said its FP3 processor will be in its 7750 router portfolio for carriers in 2012. The processors are likely to be in products in the middle of 2012 and demonstration units are working today.

Alcatel-Lucent's new processor opens the door for more bandwidth-intensive services, software and content. One FP3 processor could handle 70,000 simultaneous high-definition video streams.

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