Alfresco, SpringSource launch Activiti BPM open source project

Alfresco has launched a new Business Process Management 2.0 suite and related open source project called Activiti.

Alfresco has launched a new Business Process Management 2.0 suite and related open source project called Activiti.

Activiti, which will be offered under an Apache 2.0 open source license, is a lightweight business process management platform designed to operate in cloud environments, the companies announced Tuesday.

The project will operate independently of Alfresco but it will become the default engine of the company's open source enterprise content management system. Afresco pledged to continue to support jBPM and other BPM engines now integrated with its system. SpringSource, a division of VMware, is Alfresco's partner in the project. Signavio and Camunda are also partners in the new open source project.

Alfresco CTO John Newton said the decision to launch Activiti was based in part to open source licensing issues.

"Although we were quite happy with the jBPM engine, it's LGPL license was preventing us from OEM's Alfresco to larger software companies that were concerned about any open source license with the letter G in it," Newton wrote in his blog today. "It's irrelevant that they shouldn't be concerned about it, we intended to take care of it. It's understandable that Red Hat did not want to change its license, but our business needs dictated that we needed to find an alternative."

Red Had owns JBoss.

Meanwhile, Alfresco also announced today that it hired Tom Baeyens -- the founder and architect of the JBoss jBPM project -- as Chief Architect, BPM. He and fellow JBoss architect Joram Barrez joined Alfresco to develop Alfresco's Apache-licensed BPMN 2.0 engine.

Newton said the new class of applications dictates a new BPM engine.

"Activiti is addressing the requirements of business process management for new applications. The Activiti engine as small as a few classes that are embedded in your application or as big as an internet and consumer scale engagement server. Applications that wouldn't have even considered a large scale, stand alone workflow server because of cost and complexity will now be able to freely embed a business process engine."

I have a piece of news from Alfresco Software to share with you today: the company has recently announced the Activiti Business Process Management (BPM) open source project. The Activiti project is a new Apache-licensed open source BPM platform designed to be a light-weight, embeddable BPM engine able to operate in scalable Cloud environments