Align expectations for project success

One of the most difficult challenges facing any enterprise implementation is ensuring the various interest groups and participants define success the same way. Watch the video for more on this important topic.

Recently, I attended Progress Software's user conference, called Progress Revolution, here in Boston. During the conference, I recorded a videotape, explaining the relevance of BPM to achieving IT success, which is embedded below.

Perhaps the most difficult challenge in achieving IT success is aligning the diverse expectations of various project participants, stakeholders, senior management, and so on. In complex organizations, meaning almost every company, getting all these folks to agree sometimes seems a near impossibility. That's a primary reason so many enterprise technology projects don't achieve expected results.

To achieve success, multiple groups (each possessing its own goals and independent measures for success) must come together around a particular set of goals and processes.

As I describe in the video, success means understanding the common goal, mapping out a plan and strategy to get there, and then delivering the plan. Visibility, planning, and execution together create the desired results.