All glass walkway circles China's Tianmen Mountain

In Hunan, China, a newly opened transparent observation platform offers awe and vertigo inspiring views of a historic mountain.

Following in the big footsteps of the Grand Canyon Skywalk in the US, the new path circling China's Tianmen Mountain National Park is a 61 meter (200 foot) long walkway of glass floor and railings. The walkway sits snugly against the mountain instead of jutting out over space but still offers a truly panoramic view all the way down the cliff side.

Unveiled in early November 2011, the Tianmen Mountain walkway is one of the world’s highest observation platforms at about 1,430 meters (4,700 feet) above sea level.

Tianmen Mountain is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and park regulations require tourists visiting the site to wear anti-slip shoe covers to keep the two and a half inch thick glass clean.

The park also boasts a cable car trail that measures four miles long and 4,000 feet high.

Images: DingYun Yuan for tianmenshan
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