All-in-one network box reaches Europe

Servgate's combined firewall and VPN boxes, said to be faster and cheaper than ASIC-based systems, now have a European distribution
Written by Peter Judge, Contributor
ServGate Technologies, a manufacturer of all-in-one security appliances, has bought its products to Europe. The company's products are based around network processors, which represent a next level of performance beyond ASICs (which most firewalls use) said European managing director Peter Ruyters. ASICs, or application specific integrated circuits, are custom microchips designed for a specific application. ServGate's range of firewalls; VPNs; intrusion detection and virus scanning products; and URL filtering and cacheing devices will be sold in Europe by distributors including Mindshare and systems integrators including Imtech. The product range, which has been available for six to eight months in the US, includes the SG2000, a 2-gigabit version costing from 42,000 euros (£26,000) up to 100,000 euros. This model includes up to 500 "virtual gateways", which partition the device so users can set up separate firewalls for different customers, or user departments within the main fireWall. The middle range device, the SG300 is a 200 megabits per second (Mbps) firewall and VPN appliance, with redundant power supplies and cooling fans, while for individual telecommuters, the SG100 7Mbps firewall and VPN appliance will start at 350 euros. The SG100 has not yet launched in Europe, but will be aimed at IT managers wanting to secure remote workers' access. When launched it will include specials features, said Ruyters. The top end of the range uses the Intel 1200 network processor, while smaller models use standard Pentiums. Ruyters is ready to go up against vendors such as NetScreen which have already created Gigabit firewalls. "The Netscreen 5000 is a very good product," he said, "but we sell for 40 percent of the NetScreen price, while giving the same performance or better." Ruyters has brought a series of US ventures to Europe, having been involved in the launch of Extreme Networks, Packeteer and SonicWall on this side of the Atlantic. By coincidence, ServGate, whose marketing director came from Extreme, has adopted the same shade of purple as Extreme for its appliances; the company is partnering with Extreme in some sales, said Ruyters.
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