All the best knuckleheads writing the worst passwords

"123456" and "password" still the top worst passwords, according to SplashData annual report


That's a viable premise for navigating your way across the Internet.

As a password, however, it's a fail - and No. 25 on SplashData's annual list of the 25 worst passwords.

Hackers don't even pause as their cracking software tears apart these "secrets" end-users devise with the biggest part of their brains to protect some of their most sensitive data, which by the way is being stolen in ever-bigger bunches.

The top worst passwords, as compiled from a list of 3.3 million leaked passwords, continue to be "123456" and "password," which have occupied the top two spots for the past four years.

One of my favorites continues to be the strong 8-character password at No. 4 - 12345678. Clearly some can only solve half of the longer-and-more-complex password equation.

Judging by the list, passwords are best served with numbers. Nine of the 25 are pure numbers, but their popularity comes and goes: "12345" took the biggest leap, moving up 17 spots. While "123123" took the biggest plunge, dropping 12 places. Sequencing is clearly trending over repetition.

First time entrants this year include "696969" and "batman." Wondering what took batman so long to get here? Ditto for Superman, who flew in for the first time and landed at No. 21.

There must be a surge in the number of Michaels on the planet (new to the list at No. 20). And fantasy sports must be a big influence for end-users (baseball, No. 8; football No. 10).

We just have to do better as a group.

Here is the complete list, including change in rank vs. 2013.

1. 123456, no change from 2013

2. password, no change

3. 12345, up 17 spots

4. 12345678, down 1

5. qwerty, down 1

6. 123456789, no change

7. 1234, up 9

8. baseball, new

9. dragon, new

10. football, new

11. 1234567, down 4

12. monkey, up 5

13. letmein, up 1

14. abc123, down 9

15. 111111, down 8

16. mustang, new

17. access, new

18. shadow, no change

19. master, new

20. michael, new

21. superman, new

22. 696969, new

23. 123123, down 12

24. batman, new

25. trustno1, down 1

graphic courtesy of Stuart Miles/