All the new Palms

Looking to upgrade your handheld? One of Palm's new-look Tungsten or Zire devices may fit the bill. Check out our complete set of reviews.

Over the past few months, Palm has revamped its range of handhelds, which now comprise the business-orientated Tungsten family and the consumer-focussed Zire family. Not before time, many observers would say; but the fact is that Palm now has an impressive line-up of attractive-looking handhelds with different mixes of price, functionality and performance.

Check out our full suite of reviews of the latest Palms to see which (if any) best fit your bill. Don’t see the Palm OS product you want? Take a look at what competitors Sony and Handspring have to offer.

Following Palm’s flurry of hardware releases, attention is turning to subsidiary company PalmSource’s next release of the Palm OS operating system – version 6, which could be here by the end of the year. Although details are still thin on the ground, Palm OS 6 is expected to be a ground-up rewrite with better support for wireless communications, alternative input methods (including speech) and a revamped user interface. We’ll keep you informed with news, previews and, in due course, a full review.