All the things Sun Ray won't do

A challenge: some consultant thinks your company would be better off using Sun Rays - prove him wrong. Please.

Imagine, if you will please, that some consultant took your CEO out to lunch and got him to believe that there's nothing useful your IT group does for the organization now that couldn't be done both better and cheaper by switching almost all users to Sun Rays backed by UltraSPARC CMT/SMP servers and iPhones -with a few Mac laptops and maybe a Windows server or two thrown in for slow adapters and legacy apps.

Now imagine that your organization isn't in some niche business like movie editing or micro-electronic design and that your boss gives you the job of debunking the guy's claims. My question is: can you do it?

I don't think so - but then, I see things from a Unix stand point and have a built in bias favoring smart displays over desktop computing - so I'd appreciate it if you'd all give it your best effort.

Note, however, that I won't feel any of that appreciation until Sunday, because I'm going to be off the net until then - suffering the horrors of family (travel).

Meanwhile, Sun's "thin guy", Craig Bender (he's in charge of Sun Ray evangelism) will be reviewing the comments and responding where and how he thinks appropriate.