AMA Platform Wiselike readies for scale after public launch

Wiselike has launched its Q&A platform where anyone can create an Ask Me Anything (AMA) profile and question the experts.

In the last month, tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, authors, software engineers, life coaches, artists, and designers have flocked to San Francisco based Q&A platform Wiselike to create their personal Ask Me Anything (AMA) profiles.

From a former director at CIA to the creator of the selfie stick, and voice of Siri, anyone can create their own Wiselike profile. Over 1,000 questions are being asked daily on Wiselike and Wiselike's growing community has already had 100,000 Q&A exchanges.

The platform's professional experts span across architecture, science, technology, design, and business.

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Wiselike was co-founded by Kyu Lee, David Oliveros, and Darius Salehipour to enable anyone to become an expert.

People can share their personal expertise and benefit from the unique expertise of eclectic minds from all corners of the globe.

The search feature in the platform makes it easy to search and find experts.

Skill tags help users reinforce their personal brand presence and the site's editors go through thousands of questions and answers to give you best content with "Wiselike Digest".

Kyu Lee, CEO of Wiselike said: "Our one-to-one approach fosters more sharing between the members of our community, allowing them to build relationships rooted in mutual respect for each other's expertise while contributing to the growth of our knowledge base."

Wiselike allows people to go directly to the source who can provide the best answers for professional, technical or experience-based questions, without relying on news forums.

This platform aims to bridge the gap that seems to be missing from existing Q&A platforms such as Quora.

Wiselike members can interact with people from a range of industries to build their professional network one-on-one.

They can also begin to accept questions from an active community of knowledge-seekers as their profile grows.

The tool allows anyone to create a profile to answer questions on topics that build from their existing knowledge and experiences.

Wiselike helps people multiply their credibility as a trusted knowledge source across a community of learners.

The Wiselike concept takes your influence, mixed with the platform to showcase your skills to the community. LinkedIn has its influencers and Reddit uses its AMAs to showcase experts on its platform.

You can now become an expert on this platform. More importantly, you can ask direct questions to people you admire most - without any deflecting layers in-between.

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