Amazon adds 100 new staff at London digital media hub

Amazon is looking to recruit 100 more workers at its Digital Media Development Centre on the fringes of London's Tech City.

Amazon is to add an extra 100 jobs at its Digital Media Development Centre in London this year. 

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The company announced on Wednesday that the additional staff at the London centre will include software development engineers, user-interface experts, and graphics designers.

Amazon initially said it would recruit 100 staff for the centre near The Barbican when it opened its doors on September 13 last year. It now plans to double that figure with 100 more positions added during the "early part of this year".

The eight-floor Digital Media Development Centre on the outskirts of London's Tech City is the global hub for Amazon's services and APIs for digital media, and develops offerings for TVs, PCs, smartphones and games consoles, as well as Amazon's global websites. It is also home to the design and development teams for Amazon's LoveFilm and Pushbutton businesses.

"We have always known that there is a wealth of tech talent here in London and we continue to look for the most creative minds in the UK to work on the next generation of TV and film services for Amazon customers all over the world," said Paula Byrne, Pushbutton's founder and managing director of the centre, in a statement.

The move comes shortly after the UK government announced plans to invest £50m into Tech City for projects including the development of a new start-up centre.