Amazon adds five budget-friendly devices to its Prime smartphone lineup

Looking for an affordable smartphone and don't mind random ads on your lock screen? Amazon's Prime Exclusive Phones program just added some new wares.

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's smartphone program on Tuesday gained five more devices from the likes of , , and .

The Prime Exclusive Phones program offers mid-range to low-end at a discount. In for reducing the price of the unlocked, contract-free smartphone, Amazon places ads and offers on the lock screen.

The program is similar to the company's with Offers, only instead of giving users the to remove ads for a one-time charge, purchased Prime Phones will always show ads.

The five new smartphones available as part of the program double the number of options for customers.

The new devices include the $199 Alcatel Idol 5S, $99 Alcatel A50, $79 Alcatel A30 Plus, $199 Moto E4, and the $179 Nokia 6.

Each device is available outside of the Prime Exclusive Phone program at a slightly higher price. For example, the to $229, and the Idol 5S goes up to $279.

Each of these devices is a capable smartphone -- as a teenager's first smartphone, or for someone who'd rather not spend a ton of money on a phone.