Amazon announces Node.js availability across AWS

Node.js is now available across the AWS portfolio of products.

After five months in preview release on Amazon's S3, EC2, DyanmoDB, and Simple Workflow Service products, Amazon has announced the general availability of Node.js across its AWS portfolio.

In addition to the general release, support for bound parameters, streams, IAM roles for EC2 instances, version locking, and proxies has been added.

Node.js is a server-side, event-driven platform that, due to its non-blocking input/output model, makes it a suitable fit for projects that will need to deal with many concurrent connections. Node.js programs are written in JavaScript, and the platform itself runs on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. It is currently in use at eBay, LinkedIn, and Yahoo.

Amazon is far from the first web services company to offer Node.js support. Windows Azure and Engine Yard being but two services that currently support Node.js.

Users can either install the AWS SDK for Node.js from npm or download it from the SDK website.


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