Amazon China partners FamilyMart to offer pick-up service

The e-commerce giant gives customers in Shanghai an additional option to pay for and collect products, through a collaboration with the convenience store chain.

E-commerce giant Amazon has started a pick-up service in Shanghai via a partnership with 24-hour convenience store chain FamilyMart.

family mart
The service allows customers to pick-up goods at their convenience, and also pay by cash. (credit: Amazon)

The service will ensure the timely delivery of products and allows customers to collect their purchases on their own schedule, said Yao Zhongen, vice president for the transportation and distribution division of, in a report Monday by China Tech News.

Chinese customers will also be able to pay via cash, or credit cards at the store. There will be nearly 100 pick-up sites will be launched in the first wave, covering most areas in the city.

The pick-up service with FamilyMart is also offered by Amazon in Japan. FamilyMart is Japan's third largest convenience store behind 7-Eleven and Lawson, and the biggest in South Korea.

China has laid out plans to drive the value of online shopping to 18 trillion yuan (US$2.86 trillion) by 2015 , unveiling a set of policy measures to hit that goal. These include investments in broadband, next-generation national information infrastructure, cloud computing and networking, intelligent search and social networking applications.