Amazon Cloud Drive arrives in the UK

The service, which offers 5GB of free cloud storage before moving up to paid tiers, has become available in the UK more than a year after it opened up to US customers.

Amazon has released its Cloud Drive app in the UK, where it will compete with similar services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft's SkyDrive.

The release occurred "towards the end of last week", a spokesperson for Amazon told ZDNet UK. The service has been available in the US for more than a year.

Amazon Cloud Drive provides 5GB of free storage per user, with paid tiers ranging from £6 a year for 20GB to £320 a year for a terabyte of cloud storage.

By way of comparison, Google Drive, Ubuntu One and Apple's iCloud all offer 5GB of free storage as well. Dropbox only provides 2GB before it moves into the paid zone, while SkyDrive offers 7GB without payment.