Amazon debuts Kindle Owner Lending Library

Amazon has launched the Kindle Owner Lending Library. It offers bestsellers to Amazon Prime members that can be borrowed at no cost.

In a move likely to get ready for the Kindle Fire launch, Amazon has quietly announced the new Kindle Owner Lending Library. This benefit is for Amazon Prime members with Kindles. The library consists of thousands of books, "including over 100 current and former New York Times Bestsellers" that can be borrowed for free.

The primary limit is only one book per month, but it could be a good way to read today that expensive book you've budgeted for the future. The Amazon Prime membership already presents frequent shoppers good value, and it now got even more valuable. First Amazon offered the free video on demand, and now free (but limited) books to read. Note the offer is only available to those owning a Kindle reader device.

Amazon may be looking to push some Kindle Fires with this offer. There are lots of Kindle book buyers who currently use a non-Kindle device with an app to buy and read Kindle ebooks. This brilliant move from Amazon not only pushes the Amazon Prime service ($79/year) but also the Kindle Fire tablet. Those without Kindle ereaders just got another reason to grab the $199 Kindle Fire, which will come with a one-month Prime membership.