Amazon Echo gets native Pandora support, plus MLB and MLS information

Amazon is continuing to add utility to the Echo with native support for Pandora music streaming, Major League Baseball, and Major League Soccer.


Not long ago Amazon added support to the Echo for Spotify, Pandora, and iTunes music streaming. It wasn't native support; it required starting music on another device and then streaming through the Echo. Those who use Pandora can now control the streaming directly through the Amazon Echo with an update this week.

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Native control is significant as the elimination of a second device brings total control by voice. These examples demonstrate the utility the update enables:

"Alexa, play a Pop station on Pandora"

"Alexa, create a Pandora station for [band name]"

"Alexa, pause"

"Alexa, skip/next"

"Alexa, thumbs up/down"

Due to the lack of native control of Pandora, I stopped using the Echo to access it shortly after the last update. That will change with this new support.

Better Pandora support is not the only new feature, Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer fans can now get information about games by asking the Echo. You can ask what the score was for a game, or when the next game will be for any team.

The update will be pushed to the Amazon Echo automatically. To take advantage of it you must update your Echo app on the Android device or the Fire OS Device that is linked to your Echo.