Amazon Echo and your smarthome are now smarter with Insteon support

Alexa continues to become the brains of many a smarthome: In addition to working with products from WeMo, SmartThings, Philips and more, Amazon Echo now supports the $79 Insteon hub.


Add yet another smarthome hub that works with the Amazon Echo: In addition to products such as Wink, Philips Hue and SmartThings, you can now pair an Echo with an Insteon hub.

There are a few caveats though.

For starters, you need the $79 non-Homekit Insteon hub, according to CNET. The $149 Homekit Insteon Pro hub isn't supported because it works with Siri.

Second, you're limited to which Insteon-compatible devices you can control by making voice requests to Alexa.

For now, Insteon support for the Amazon Echo works with connected lights, switches and outlets. That means any other Insteon products -- think thermostats, locks, garage door openers and the like -- can't be accessed through an Amazon Echo.

On the plus side, you can tell Alexa to set dimming levels on bulbs connected to an Insteon system. I can't do that with my Wink hub and the Echo: I can only turn lights, or groups of lights, on or off. And I can't set the temperature frequency of my tunable lights through the Echo yet, either.

Amazon says the web service that enables Insteon support should be available by the end of today but my Alexa app is already sharing the news.

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