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Amazon Echo gets SmartThings support

Add another line of smarthome products that Alexa can boss around: Samsung's SmartThings IoT hub and products are now supported.

Amazon's Echo appears ready to learn a new trick: Working with connected smarthome devices through a SmartThings hub.

Official SmartThings support hasn't yet been announced but the SmartThings blog spilled the beans with a post that went live on Thursday and was later removed.


ZatzNotFunny spotted the post -- which received four comments before being pulled -- showing that Amazon Echo integration with the SmartThings products is likely on the way soon. Google's web cache still has the original post.

SmartThings, which is owned by Samsung, will presumably be joining Belkin WeMo, Philips Hue and Wink smarthome products that work with the Amazon Echo. And these all work quite well. I have a Wink hub connected to my Echo so that I can tell Alexa to turn lights on or off in different rooms of my house, for example.

When Amazon Echo first launched, I passed on the product simply because I didn't need another connected speaker. Google Now and Siri were also more than capable of providing other useful information through voice queries.

After the Echo started to gain smarthome compatibility, however, I realized that the invisible interface of Alexa could quickly become the brains of my house. By opening up its SDK and gaining more connected product support on a frequent basis, I'm feeling good about the purchase because Alexa keeps getting smarter over time.

Update at 10:36am PT, August 21: Amazon has officially announced SmartThings support for Echo.