Amazon expands digital media empire with comiXology purchase

The comiXology deal also follows a few other notable deals hatched by Amazon in the media world, including Goodreads and Lovefilm.

Amazon has announced it plans to acquire comiXology, a popular digital publishing platform for comic books.

Founded in 2007, comiXology catalogs comic books and graphic novels produced by independent authors along with more than 75 of the top industry publishers.

Amazon hasn't specified yet as to how the digital comics app will figure into the vast portfolio just yet.

Nevertheless, the possibilities seem almost endless from integrations on the Kindle Fire to in-app purchases and whatnot made possible through the Amazon Appstore.

The comiXology deal also follows a few other notable deals hatched by Amazon in the media world, such as the acquisitions of popular literary social network Goodreads as well as film and games subscription service Lovefilm .

Financial terms of the agreement have not been disclosed. The deal is expected to close during the second quarter of 2014.

If and when the deal goes through, the comiXology team will continue to operate out of the existing New York headquarters versus moving to Amazon's home base in Seattle.

Elsewhere in the tech giant's empire on Thursday, Amazon Web Services announced the availability of R3 instances, the next generation of the cloud arm's cornerstone Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) memory-optimized instances.

Amid similar moves by Google and Microsoft , AWS boasted in March that it would be slashing prices once again while also touting that it met the Department of Defense's security requirements across all regions in the United States.

But AWS customers should also be extra mindful these days as the Seattle-based corporation admitted that it too, like many other online services , was affected by the far-reaching and dangerous Heartbleed OpenSSL flaw.

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