Amazon expands FreeTime service to all Android devices

Parents are no longer required to purchase an Amazon device to take advantage of the company's parental control platform.


Amazon on Wednesday announced its parental control app, FreeTime, is now available in the Play Store for all Android devices.

Actually, calling it an application is a shortsighted. It's more appropriate to call Amazon's FreeTime app a platform providing age appropriate apps, books, games, and videos for children.

Up until now, the only way for a family to use the service was to purchase an Amazon device, such as the Kindle Fire tablet.

The Amazon FreeTime app is compatible with most Android devices running Android Lollipop and above (totaling just over 70 percent of Android devices currently in use).

Parents can use Amazon FreeTime without a monthly subscription, or opt to pay $2.99 a month (and up) to add streaming movies and TV shows from the likes of Disney and Nickelodeon.

But FreeTime isn't just about keeping your kids entertained. Using the built-in parental controls, parents can limit how much time a child spends on a device per day or set a bedtime for the device to automatically lock until the next day.

In April, Amazon announced a Parent Dashboard that provides context surrounding the apps, books, or videos a child is watching. Through the Parent Dashboard, parents can monitor time spent using a particular app, learn more about the app, and use questions provided by Amazon to interact with the child.

Parents who are interested in using Amazon FreeTime can download the Android app from the Play Store for free.

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