Amazon gives developers new app model to try via Amazon Underground

Amazon launched an app called Amazon Underground that does away with in-app purchases and will pay developers on per minute usage.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor on

Amazon is stepping up its app battle with Google Play and hoping to disrupt the current economics too.

The company launched an app called Amazon Underground. In a nutshell, Amazon is offering its mobile shopping app as well as "over ten thousand dollars in apps, games and in-app items that are actually free." The catch is the free app of the day is gone.

With the move, Amazon is taking aim at in-app purchases and free apps that require purchases to receive new features. Underground will feature top apps without the in-app purchases.

Here's where the model tweak comes in. Amazon is enticing developers to wave their in-app fees and get paid based on per-minute played.

The goal here is obvious for Amazon. Dent Google's lock on Android developers and sway them to Amazon's app, which drives sales.

To get the app, which isn't available on Google Play, you have to download it directly from Amazon. The Fire devices from Amazon already have it.

Here are some screens:

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