Amazon gives wearable tech its own store

Amazon's new store is dedicated to wearable tech, a move that officially moves smart watches and activity trackers into the mainstream.

Wearable tech has been around for nearly a decade, but it's largely existed on the fringes of the consumer world. Until now. 

Amazon's decision to open a store dedicated solely to wearable tech marks a turning point for this product category: smart watches, activity trackers and wearable cameras are officially mainstream. 

Amazon launched the wearable technology store Tuesday. The store features the top wearable gadgets from a number of manufacturers including Samsung, Jawbone and GoPro. It also has a "Learning Center" with videos and detailed buying guides to help customers compare products and get information on device compatibility as well as an "Editor's Corner" with industry news and device reviews. 

The new store could become a launching pad for new products as well. Amazon appears to already be using this new space to promote "exclusive" offers on brand new products. For example, the store is taking pre-orders for the Misfit Bloom necklace which enables users to wear their Shine Fitness and Sleep Monitors disguised as jewelry and is set to be released May 16.

Amazon's new store is validation to wearable tech makers everywhere. The e-commerce giant, which fancies itself as anticipating consumer wants and needs, launched a 3D printer section last year. The move into the 3D retail business was interesting considering that just a month before the launch CEO Jeff Bezos said Amazon's use of 3D printing to digitize physical goods was far, far into the future.

Wearable tech could prove to attract a far greater consumer base than 3D printing, largely because many of the items sold in the new store are less expensive, and therefore more accessible. 

Thumbnail image: Screenshot from Amazon's wearable tech store

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