Amazon Kindle sales top 1 million for third week in a row

Amazon's Kindle lineup is doing very well this holiday season with over 1 million sold each week for the last three weeks. The Kindle Fire leads the pack of four new generation Kindle models.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on

As I wrote in my review of the Kindle Fire I thought it was going to be a hot seller for Amazon this holiday season and today Amazon posted a press release stating that consumers are purchasing the Kindle Fire more than any other Kindle. Amazon doesn't usually report sales figures, but stated that they sold over 1 million Kindles per week for the third week in a row. Keep in mind that this includes the $79 Kindle all the way up to the $199 Kindle Fire.

The Kindle Fire is the bestselling product across all of Amazon for 11 straight weeks now and Amazon is building millions more to keep up with demand. In addition to the seamless access to Amazon products and services, you can use the Kindle Fire as an Android tablet with Office document support through 3rd party apps. If I didn't have an HTC Flyer then I would have kept the Kindle Fire and eventually may end up going back to one since the media consumption experience is so easy with Amazon Video, Amazon Cloud Player, and more.

As you know, I am a firm believer in eInk devices for the absolute best ebook reading experience and the $79 Kindle is perfect for gifts this Christmas. I am partial to the new generation of touch screen eInk devices and the Kindle Touch and Touch 3G are available at a reasonable $99 and $149 too.

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