Amazon lowers AWS pricing again; M3 instances roll out globally

The retail turned cloud giant has cut the pricing of its EC2 instances for the 25th time since it launched, and rolled out its M3 family of EC2 instances to all regions.

In making Amazon Web Service (AWS) more powerful and less expensive, the retailed turned cloud giant said in a blog post this morning that it has lowered the on-demand pricing for EC2 instances by on average 10-20 percent.

Amazon said that on-demand prices for EC2 instances in the M1, M2, M3 and C1 families have been lowered as of today, and prices for the transfer of data between AWS regions has also been reduced. 

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 08.10.57
(Credit: Amazon)

The company also said that the M3 family of EC2 instances will now be available in Northern California, Oregon, the AWS GovCloud (U.S.), Ireland, Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney regions. Efforts are being made to bring M3 instances to the Brazil region in the coming weeks.

M3 was first announced in October last year, but was only available in the Northern Virginia region. The second-generation M3 instances—known as Second Generation Standard Instances—feature up to 50 percent higher absolute processor performance, run on 64-bit servers, and are optimized for Web serving and media coding applications, just to name a couple.

This is the twenty-fifth time that Amazon has reduced its pricing since it first launched its cloud services in 2006.