Amazon nearing deal to buy Palm, webOS (report)

By scooping up webOS, Amazon may be the company to finally make things right for the operating system.

Is Amazon closing in on a deal to buy Palm?

That's the story according to VentureBeat, which says that Amazon is in talks to snatch up Palm and its recently- orphaned webOS.

Of couse, speculation that Amazon might snatch up webOS is not particularly new. But if VentureBeat's sources are right, Amazon appears to be pretty serious about its ambitions. That's a good news for webOS -- and Amazon, too. WebOS would finally be in the hands of a capable company, and Amazon would have in its hands a very capable (but ill-fated) operating system. And it would be entirely theirs.

But what does that mean for the Kindle Fire? It would be interesting to see how the tablet handles the transition from Android to webOS, assuming that that's Amazon's plan. Then again, seeing as how much the Kindle Fire UI departs from Google's stock Android, maybe a transition to webOS won't be as jarring as it initially appears. But would the move be worth it?