Amazon opens Android Appstore in China

China was not on its expanded list of nearly 200 countries to have access to the app platform but the U.S. Web giant decides to open one anyway, beating Google to offering paid apps in the country in the process. has launched its Android appstore in China over the weekend, making it the first western company to offer a platform for Chinese users to download both free and paid apps.

A Reuters report Monday stated Amazon had edged ahead of Google in China in terms of offering paid apps for local consumers. The latter's Google Play store only offers free apps in the country, it noted.  

Billy Huang, an spokesperson, said the company is working with software developers to increase the number of apps on offer, as it becomes the first western company to bring free and paid apps on a single platform. It will, however, face competition from the hundreds of local rivals already offering all kinds of mobile software, it added.

China was not part of the original list of nearly 200 countries to have access to its Android Appstore when the company revealed the lineup last month. ZDNet Asia has contacted to find out why the company changed its stance regarding China, and will update the article accordingly.

The launch of the company's Android Appstore in China comes after it opened its Kindle Store in China last December. The latter instantly c aught the attention of local regulator General Administration of Press and Publication of China, which began investigating the online business on whether it flouted rules to sell digital publications.  

Huang declined to comment on when Amazon will release its Kindle e-book device in China , though. The existing store allows Chinese users to download books via the Kindle app on their iOS or Android mobile devices.