Amazon opens, then shutters, then reopens its app store

The news last night that the Amazon app store was open for business coincided with Apple's suing Amazon to stop use of the app store moniker. The store is finally open this morning so I guess Amazon won for the moment.

Rumors have been circulating for a while that Amazon was getting its app store ready for launch, and last night the word went out that the store is open. This news roughly coincided with word that Apple had sued Amazon to block its use of the app store moniker for the new venture. The timing of the Apple move was probably not coincidental, and it seems to have worked as despite news to the contrary Amazon's app store is nowhere in sight. Scratch that, the Amazon store is now indeed open.

Amazon is operating the store at the link, so get over there and get your free copy of Angry Birds Rio that is available in the store for a limited time.