Amazon press event - Sept 28 ... Kindle tablet?

Is Amazon getting ready to unveil the long awaited Kindle tablet?

This just landed in my inbox from Amazon's PR folks ...


My guess ... the long rumored Kindle tablet is making it's debut appearance.

TechCrunch’s MG Siegler claims to have played with a prototype. According to him, here’s the deal:

  • 7-inch full-color screen, no eInk (10-inch coming in 2012)
  • Two-finger multitouch support
  • Runs a version of Android that’s older than 2.2 but it’s been heavily customized
  • No camera
  • UI looks and feels like Amazon’s iOS Kindle app
  • 6GB of storage
  • The killer - $250

Despite not having seen the hardware, I predicted a few weeks back that an Amazon Kindle Tablet could slaughter the Android tablet market not because the hardware is any better than that of the competition but because Amazon has the clout to put this tablet in front of a whole lotta eyeballs, and has an enormous content distribution network to make their money back on the subsidized hardware - ebooks, music service, a video service, an Android app store, a games and software downloads service, cloud services and audiobooks (Amazon owns Audible.com).

Amazon’s Kindle Tablet WILL be a game-changer!

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