Amazon: Private cloud not a 'real' cloud

Businesses with private cloud systems miss out on the benefits of the cloud, according to an exec at Amazon Web Services
Written by Kevin Kwang, Contributor on

The current private cloud model that requires companies to invest heavily in virtualization and maintaining their own datacentres is not a "real cloud" model, according to an Amazon executive.

Andy Jassy, senior vice president at Amazon Web Services (AWS), questioned the role of IT vendors that have taken to repackaging existing technologies to include a modicum of cloud-like features and selling these off to customers as 'cloud' products. This is particularly true for private cloud vendors with their cloud offerings, which Jassy said "confuses" him.

"If you look deep into what [private cloud vendors] are offering, you will see that it's basically an internal datacentre that is virtualized and has some management tools. Organisations that have private cloud systems will have missed out on all the advantages and benefits of going into the cloud," said Jassy, speaking in Singapore on Thursday after taking part in the Infocomm Development Authority Distinguished Infocomm Speaker Series.

Asked why then did Amazon launch its Virtual Private Cloud service (VPC), released as a public beta test late last year, since public cloud is the way to go, Jassy said this service is targeted at companies that already have their own datacentres and want their facilities to emulate AWS's datacentre.

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