Amazon provides glimpse into green purchasing habits

Energy efficiency is the biggest green concern for folks from Florida, while residents of Arizona worry more about water conservation.

Yes, where you live dictates the sort of green products that people are likely to buy.

This is according to some research that e-commerce giant Amazon has been doing into demographic trends related to green product purchases. Actually, it's not exactly research, it is data mining of the sorts of green purchases made from the Web site. That analysis looks into everything from gardening products to green toilets to parenting needs, such as diapers and toys.

The Amazon Green team blog provides a glimpse into these habits, which vary dramatically from state to state. For example, if you live in a place like New Mexico or Arizona, you are worrying more about water conservation than people who, say, live in Seattle. Energy savings was big on the minds of people in Florida, Nevada and California. Florida, for example, is the biggest purchaser of products that bear ratings from the EPEAT (the Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool). And there apparently are lots of green gardening fanatics in places like Grand Junction, Colo., and Eureka, Calif.

The map provides a glimpse into green product purchasing habits across the country:

Could provide some useful insight for green product release and marketing plans.

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