Amazon poised to roll out more Alexa-enabled hardware today

The new devices include more home gadgets like a microwave.

The Alexa-Cortana integration news should've been bigger

Amazon's voice-activated assistant Alexa has a significant presence in consumers' homes, thanks to the robust ecosystem of developers and manufacturers who are incorporating Alexa into their devices. Now, Amazon plans to step up the momentum by producing more of its own Alexa-powered devices, according to a report.

The Seattle-based tech giant plans to release at least eight new voice-controlled devices this year, according to CNBC, including a number of home gadgets. They include a microwave, an amplifier, a receiver, a subwoofer and an in-car device -- all of which will either have Alexa built in or will be Alexa-enabled.

As CNBC notes, Amazon could drive sales of its in-home devices through partnerships with home-installation companies -- a strategy that Sonos has successfully used to bring its own Alexa-enabled speakers into homes.

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Amazon has taken an "Alexa everywhere" strategy for the past couple of years, and the voice assistant's home presence has been largely facilitated by the Amazon Echo. Google has managed to bring its own voice-activated assistant, Google Assistant, into people's everyday lives via smartphones, the Google Home and other devices.

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Nevertheless, Amazon's presence in area of voice-activated devices is still growing quickly: At the IFA tech showcase in Berlin earlier this month, Amazon's smart home VP, Daniel Rausch, said there are now over 50,000 Alexa skills and 20,000 Alexa-enabled devices. There were only 4,000 such devices at the beginning of the year.


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