Amazon: 'Super-excited' about Kindle Fire roadmap

CFO Tom Szkutak said he was pumped about the Kindle Fire roadmap. Does that mean a new device is coming soon?


An Amazon executive didn't bite when asked about the Kindle Fire and how it needs a refresh, but did add that he was wound up about the roadmap for the device.

The company said in its second quarter earnings report that the Kindle Fire was still its best-selling item. However, The Kindle Fire is facing more competition from Google's Nexus 7-inch tablet.

Tom Szkutak, CFO of Amazon, was asked about the Kindle Fire, which an analyst noted "has been around for a while." Szkutak said:

We're very excited about both the hardware and the content side of the business. We think if you take a look at our devices, certainly it is very integrated, which is great for customers. We think it is an incredible experience. We've been very excited about the progress we've made so far from both the device and content standpoint and we are super-excited about the road map we have.

The big question revolves around when Amazon will reveal that Kindle Fire roadmap.