Amazon touts device strategy, Fire, Echo sales

Amazon says it will ramp production of its Fire tablet, which can be bought in six packs.

Amazon said its own devices were the best selling items on its site on Black Friday as the e-commerce giant aimed to hit low- and high- price points.

The company said the best sellers were its Fire tablet at $49.99, the Fire TV Stick and its Echo, which was a best seller across all products on Amazon going for more than $100.

As for the big picture, Amazon's game is pretty clear: Sell devices and then make money from the content and services that will flow through them.

Amazon Devices chief Dave Limp said the company has "reached a tipping point with Fire," which goes for $250 in a six pack. Amazon said it is ramping production after already building millions already.

It's possible that the Fire boom for Amazon may put it in the IDC rankings for tablets. IDC said that the global tablet market is going to decline more than 8 percent in 2015, but detachables will surge.