Amazon Web Services expands Activate package for startups

AWS Activate is getting a boost from what might be Amazon's best resource aside from data: customer service.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

While VMware and Microsoft have their eyes on some government cloud contracts at the moment, Amazon Web Services is beefing up its portfolio for smaller clients.

First unloaded last fall, AWS Activate is a toolset designed to attract more startups to AWS for all cloud services. A few of the initial incentives included AWS support, training, and credits, among other offerings from third-party software providers.

The Seattle-headquartered corporation frequently highlights some wunderkind startups, now well established in the tech world, that are AWS clients, including Dropbox and Instagram.

Those two started subscribing to AWS in pre-Activate days. Still, Amazon is looking to serve the next big thing, getting the ball rolling with a heftier portfolio of resources catering to startups.

Many of those resources are being provided by what might be Amazon's best resource aside from data: customer service.

AWS Activate now sponsors virtual office hours with AWS Solutions Architects, or as described by the cloud giant itself, the "mad scientists of the AWS ecosystem." These experts will be on hand for consultation about security, architectures, and performance.

Furthermore, the third-party integration list is getting longer, with eight additional offers provided by the likes of Trend Micro, Citrix-owned Podio, and Amazon's own Login and Pay service.

AWS Activate is open to startup customers through two different options: a self-starter package for independent companies and a portfolio packages for startups backed by select accelerators and/or seed funds.

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