Amazon Web Services now deploying cloud from Oregon

Oregon has a new cloud hanging over it, courtesy of Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Web Services is expanding its datacenter and cloud capacity with a new branch based in Oregon, as part of the U.S. West Region.

Oregon is the seventh piece of the geographic puzzle that AWS is building. Three others are located in the United States, including the existing U.S. West Region based in Northern California, as well as the U.S. East in Northern Virginia and the GovCloud. AWS also infrastructure branches in Singapore and Tokyo, covering the Asia/Pacific area, and Dublin for the European Union.

In case you're wondering why AWS has so many physical datacenters for storing cloud data, Data Center Knowledge explains that the multi-region setup enables customers to shift workloads to another unaffected region while the first one experiences and resolves performance problems.

This second West Coast branch is touted to offer businesses a low latency option for serving customers and applications.

The big difference for AWS customers will come down to pricing. The new Oregon region is priced approximately 10 percent lower than Northern California region, but it is equal to the one in Northern Virginia.

This Oregon-based cloud will include a broad suite of AWS products, including the Elastic Compute Cloud, Simple Storage Service, CloudWatch, Auto Scaling, and much more.