Amazon Web Services plants Elastic Beanstalk

The automation service is intended for businesses that don't want to put a lot of manpower behind managing cloud-computing instances.

Amazon Web Services on Wednesday launched "Elastic Beanstalk", which automates the management of various services at the cloud provider.

In a nutshell, AWS's Elastic Beanstalk handles all the deployment details when a Web developer launches an application. For instance, Elastic Beanstalk will deploy and manage services for storage, computing clusters, load balancing and auto scaling.

Adam Selipsky, vice president of Web services at Amazon, said the Elastic Beanstalk effort is targeted at both small developers as well as enterprises that don't want to put a lot of manpower behind managing cloud computing instances. "This is for customers building applications that may not have the technical depth to manage the underlying compute infrastructure," said Selipsky. "Beanstalk is completely black boxed."

Read more of "Amazon Web Services launches Elastic Beanstalk, a service of services" at ZDNet.


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