Amazon Web Services reaches out to on-premise IT with Eucalyptus

Amazon is branching out to Eucalyptus with more support for migrating workloads between AWS and data centers.

Amazon is teaming with Eucalyptus Systems, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider, to further enable compatibility between Amazon Web Services and on-premise IT environments.

The partnership between these two cloud companies is comprised of a few different parts.

First, developers from both sides will focus primarily on building solutions that will provide enterprise customers with a more efficient way to migrate workloads between existing data centers and AWS. The more efficient part comes in as these customers should be able to use the same management tools and skills across both platforms.

Furthermore, AWS will also provide Eucalyptus with further resources to extend compatibility with Amazon Web Services APIs and customer use cases.

This features, in particular, offer the potential to save customers of both parties a lot of time and money.

Terry Wise, director of the Amazon Web Services partner ecosystem, explained in prepared remarks that customers should be able to "take advantage of a common set of APIs that work with both AWS and Eucalyptus, enabling the use of scripts and other management tools across both platforms without the need to rewrite or maintain environment-specific versions."

From there, customers should be able to run cloud-based applications in their existing data centers -- so long as they are compatible with AWS products, such as the Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and the Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).