Amazon's Android Appstore lands in nearly 200 more countries

Amazon has expanded its Android Appstore to new geographical markets around the world even though many of them don't sell its flagship Android device, the Kindle.

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Amazon has launched its Android Appstore in nearly 200 more countries and notified developers that they can now build apps for Amazon customers in countries from Brazil, Canada, Mexico to Papua New Guinea and Vatican City.

Amazon said owners of Android devices in the new regions will be able to download apps through the Amazon Appstore in "coming months" and pay for them with an Amazon account. 

The Amazon Appstore was first launched in the US in March 2011 before it was expanded into Europe and beyond, allowing consumers in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, and Japan to download apps.

The Amazon Appstore store includes features found across Amazon's retail site, such as  1-Click payments , customer reviews and personalised recommendations.

Amazon's Kindle Fire device is not on sale in all of the markets that the Appstore has been rolled out to but people will be able to download the Appstore Android app on their smartphone, enabling Amazon to sell apps that aren't in the Google Play Store.

In order to access the Appstore people need to download an app from Amazon's website. However, installing the app requires the user to adjust the settings of their Android device so that it allows installation of "non-Market" applications. The user must then visit a dedicated Appstore site and enter their phone number or email address and wait for a message that will contain a link to download the store app. 

Amazon has been in the tablet market for several years now but it has not yet released a smartphone. However, reports suggest that the retail giant is planning to launch an Android smartphone in the near future, which would tie in well with the new Appstore expansion.

"Allowing developers to target distribution of their apps and games in even more international countries is yet another important milestone as we strive to serve consumers and developers globally," said Mike George, VP of apps and games at Amazon, in a statement on Tuesday. "Many of our existing developers have localised their apps and games for international consumers, and we look forward to working with new developers that have been waiting to bring their apps to more Amazon customers across the globe."