Amazon's China president resigns

Wang Hanhua who has been at Amazon China for seven years will be leaving in November, but he denies rumors he resigned over being sidelined.

Amazon China's president Wang Hanhua has resigned from his post, but the executive denies rumors he was sidelined by the company.

A Chinese Business News report Monday said Wang, who has been with the company's local outlet for seven years, did not elaborate on why he decided to leave but revealed he will remain in the Internet industry.

According to the Chinese daily, Wang's resignation was not unexpected. Amazon's global headquarters sent a few high-level executives to its China office in the first quarter to directly manage retail goods and other business divisions. Wang was left with books and music division as well as the "open platform" division which allows third-party sellers to sell on Amazon China.

However, the executive denied rumors he had been "sidelined" at the company. He told the Chinese daily the non-Chinese executive responsible for retail goods reports directly to him, as do other executive from the media and third-party platform business divisions.

Amazon China has not identified who will take over Wang's position, the report said.

The U.S. e-commerce giant in 2004 expanded its footprint in China with the acquisition of local online shopping site, Wang assumed the role of president in 2005, after then-president and vice president of were laid off following the acquisition.'s Chinese name was changed to Joyo Amazon in 2007, and renamed again in 2011 as Amazon China.

According to the report, Amazon China is the logistic center for the U.S. company but not the decision-making center for the Asian country. Wang previously described Amazon China as no longer a Chinese Amazon, but Amazon in China.

In a previous ZDNet Asia report , a recruitment executive said local executives in multinational companies in China were often left out in the decision-making process. This might cause a sense of unfulfillment which could lead to executives leaving the company in search of a better organization or to create their own company.