Amazon's unveils web-based Kindle cloud reader

Take a first look at Amazon's web-based Kindle cloud reader.

Frustrated by the fact that Amazon has had to remove the link to the Kindle Store from the iOS Kindle app? Want to read your Kindle books via the browser on your PC or iPad?

Now you can!

Here is Amazon's web-based Kindle cloud reader. And it works!

The web-based Kindle reader is compatible with the Chrome browser on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chromebooks, the Safari browser on PC and the Mac, and the Safari browser on the iPad (requires iOS 4+).

Just to be clear here, Amazon hasn't officially announced this service yet, so it's safe to say that it isn't fully finished, so expect that things will go wrong if you use it!

[UPDATE: Cloud Reader is now a live link in the Kindle store on

Looks like it's ready to roll!]

[UPDATE 2: And now Amazon makes Kindle Cloud Reader official.

Here are some highlights from the press release:

- Automatically the Kindle library, as well as last page read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights for all Kindle books

- Current book is automatically made available for offline use

- Immediate web updates

- Customize the page layout to your desired font size, text color, background color, and more

- Kindle Cloud Reader will be available on additional web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, the BlackBerry PlayBook browser, and other mobile browsers, in the coming months


And a page from a book I'm enjoying ... Day By Day Armageddon by J.L. Bourne.

Once a book has been downloaded it is available offline (this isn't perfect on the iPad, but if you have the book already open in the browser then things work fine).

Features such as bookmarks and the book is automatically opened to the furthest read point.

What do you think?