Amazon's Zocalo storage service going mobile, ready for larger files

The deluge of additions and upgrades at the Amazon Web Services summit last week just wasn't enough for the Internet giant.


As if the boatload of new cloud goodies shipped in by Amazon to its annual developer summit in Las Vegas last week weren't enough, now there's more.

Amazon Web Services is treating one of its newer enterprise products, Zocalo, to a few additions this week.

For starters, Zocalo is going mobile with new apps for iOS and Android devices that can be populated with existing corporate credentials.

Furthermore, users on desktop and mobile channels alike will be able to store and access much larger files with a new ceiling for uploading, syncing, and sharing files sized up to five terabytes each.

AWS chief evangelist Jeff Barr elaborated about customer motivation for the extended limit in a blog post on Thursday, hinting at encouragement from an unspecified "media production company." He added Zocalo has found particular success with healthcare customers as well as media clients.

"They appreciate the fact that Zocalo stores data in S3 and asked us to match the existing S3 object size limit of 5 TB," Barr boasted.

After a few months in limited preview mode, Zocalo became generally available in August, launched with pricing aimed to compete with rivals such as Google, Microsoft, Box and Dropbox.

The business-minded cloud storage and sharing platform was designed to enable users to comment on files, share them for feedback, and upload new versions without having to email multiple versions as attachments.

Zocalo is also available for free under a 30-day trial, consisting of 200GB of storage per user for up to 50 users. After the trial period ends, firms that want to stay can pay $5 per user per month with incremental costs for storage above 200GB.

The Android version of Zocalo is available via Kindle and Google Play stores, while the iOS iPhone app is in the iOS AppStore.

Screenshots via The Official Amazon Web Services Blog