AMD introduces Radeon Gaming Series desktop memory

Joining AMD's previous lines of desktop RAM, the new RG2133 memory series runs at 2133MHz and starts at $155 for a 16GB kit.

Having curiously entered the desktop RAM business (a low-margin, crowded field) back in 2011, AMD now extends its line-up with the new Radeon Gaming Series RAM.

amd-radeon RG2133-gamer-memory-desktop-ram
Image: AMD

The new series joins the Entertainment, Performance, and Radeon Editions that the chip company introduced about a year and a half ago. It tops those families by running at 2,133MHz with CAS 10 latency (10-11-11-30). The previous top performer in AMD's line-up runs at 1866MHz.

For cooling, AMD's RAM eschews fancy heat sinks for a simple heat spreader. That still doesn't mean you won't pay a premium price for the extra performance boost, as the Radeon Gaming Series will run $155 for a 16GB kit. For that price, AMD bundles a 64GB version of Dataram's RAMDisk — a virtual RAM drive that claims to speed up internet usage and the like.

The RG2133 is already tipping up at Newegg if you're in the market for new desktop RAM and you buy AMD's claims that its memory delivers "a superior solution" for its processors.

[Via AnandTech]