AMD launches low-cost mobile chips

New Durons ship with NEC laptopsThe release of the first mobile chip based on AMD's Athlon core -- which replaced the K6 in late 1999 -- was announced this week.

Duron, AMD's "value" chip based on the Athlon core, will be available in NEC's LaVie U series of notebooks from 25 January and are shipping in volume immediately. The chip is available in speed grades of 600MHz and 700MHz for $75 (£50) and $123, respectively, in 1,000-unit quantities.

"AMD has had tremendous success with the Mobile AMD-K6 family of processors, and plans to build on that success with a new family of seventh-generation mobile products in 2001," said Pat Moorhead, vice president of marketing at AMD's Computation Products Group, in a statement.

Duron competes with Intel's Celeron processor. Intel is planning to release an ultra-low-power 500MHz mobile Celeron this month for around $100. AMD and Intel both have to contend with chips from Transmeta, which claim to use far less power, though this is currently achieved somewhat at the expense of processor speed.

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